Babysitter Feeds Vegetarian Kids Chicken, Mom Demands She Pay Up | Opie & Carina | 100.3 The Wolf

A babysitter shared on Reddit that she is being accused of emotional damage by a furious mom because of chicken!

The 19-year-old treated the kids to McDonald’s chicken nuggets as a reward for the kids good behavior but the mom freaked out because they’re actually vegetarian. The mom failed to mention this very important detail to the sitter so this was an honest mistake! In  the end, the mom did not pay the sitter that night but instead wants her to pay $300 to each kid for the “emotional damage” and threatened to take her to court over it if she doesn’t.

The sitter is standing her ground by refusing to pay the kids and adamant that it’s the mom’s fault for not informing her. Reddit users clearly agree with her and believe the mother was way out of line!

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