The Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides Per State | Opie & Carina | 100.3 The Wolf

Now that the election debates are over we can focus on the next important topic, which Thanksgiving side is the best!

A new report looked at Google Trends to determine the most popular Thanksgiving side in each state and focused on over 20 different options, with gravy included in the mix. So it begs the question, which food item is the most popular?

Mashed Potatoes are a crowd favorite this time a year with it dominating in 10 different states. Mac n’ Cheese and Green Bean Casserole are close behind getting a combined total of 13 states but the real winner this holiday season is carbs with a total of 47 states. There are only 3 states that chose veggies or a side salad, we’re looking at you Maine, as their most popular side and we highly suggest they join the bandwagon and go with a delicious carb.

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