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Parents are sharing the funny names their kids give every day things on a thread with “The Huffington Post” and these nicknames did not disappoint. Here are a few of the funny kid descriptions that are 100% guaranteed to make you laugh!

  • “My almost 3-year-old calls the bathroom fan the ‘poop wind.’ and it will forever be called that in our house.”
  • “My daughter called a head of lettuce a ‘salad ball’ and it that’s forever hat we call it.”
  • “When my son was younger, we didn’t buy soda (Coke or Pepsi), so when we went to restaurants he would ask for ‘black juice.'”
  • “Pants = ‘leg prisons’ to our oldest”
  • “My 3-year-old son calls mustard ‘hot dog syrup.'”
  • “Our oldest son called knives ‘cut its’ because we would say ‘Do you want me to cut it?’ So he would say fork, spoon, cut it.”
  • “When my now 9-year-old son was little, he always called bras ‘boogie pants.’ Walking through the underwear section of shops with him was always fun experience with him yelling it at the top of his voice, as it made him laugh.”
  • “My daughter called Wendy’s ‘the lady restaurant’.'”

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