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If you are having a hard time finding the best wine to go with your Halloween candy we have the best pairings to help you out! The experts are Vivino know which flavors and blends work best with some of the most popular sweet treats this time of year.

  • Hershey’s and Syrah – This pairing is perfect because Syrah is powerful but light red wine that goes well straight milk chocolate thanks to it’s black pepper and black fruit flavoring.
  • Kit Kats and Pinot Nior – If you love wafers dipped in raspberry chocolate than this is right up your alley!
  • Reese’s Pumpkins and Gamay – The unique fermentation process of the grapes to make this delicious red wine gives it a wild cherry jam aroma that is complemented by peanut butter and chocolate.
  • M&Ms and Port – The dark, sweet, black fig and dried fruit make up of the Port pairs best with the crunchy candy shell of the milk chocolate M&Ms.
  • Skittles and Sauvignon Blanc – The fruit flavors of the Skittles are balanced by the tropical fruits in this white wine.
  • Snickers and Cabernet Sauvignon – The intense combo of ingredients in a Snickers calls for a wine strong enough to keep it from being overpowered and the tannin and fruit in this wine make it the one.

For a full wine and candy breakdown, CLICK HERE.

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