Man Charged With Assault After Farting in Uber | Opie & Carina | 100.3 The Wolf

If you need to fart in an Uber, hold it in or else you could be charged with assault!

James Mallett from the UK was charged after allegedly farting during his Uber ride and for attacking the driver for protesting. The stinky incident occurred last year while on the way to the local nightclub with friends and the driver, Aleksander Bonchev, had had enough of passengers not respecting him. The vibe in the car quickly changed when Bonchev asked them to exit their ride and Mallett offered to fight him on it and ended up hitting him in the head. When the police arrived, one of the men had a cut on his bottom lip, Bonchev has a broken finger and the other passengers had left.

Mallet admitted to his actions and received a six-month jail sentence, a $650 fine and 120 hours of community service. As for Bonchev, he was unable to drive which resulted in him losing his job, car and house.

Photo Credit: iStock

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