Kid-Approved Ways To Save Halloween This Year | Opie & Carina | 100.3 The Wolf

Trick-or-treating and communal candy bowls may not be happening this year, but Halloween doesn’t need to be canceled, we just need to have some creativity and kids are full of that!

Here are 8 ideas to save spooky season:

  • Set up a candy slide – DIY a 6ft slide using PVC piping or any preferred material and decorate it! One person stands at the top and slides down he candy to the end where kids can collect it.
  • “Ghost” your friends with sweets at their door – Drop a Halloween-themed goodie bag with a not saying “You’ve been ghosted,” at your friends’ home and dash off before they see you!
  • Do a Zoom costume party – It wouldn’t be a 2020 holiday if there wasn’t a Zoom party, right!? Get the kids all dressed up in their costume and give them a chance to show it off to their friends in a virtual party!
  • Turn your house into a mini-neighborhood – Decorate the bathroom, bedroom and laundry room doors and have kiddos knock on them to collect their treats.
  • Hot a socially distanced outdoor movie screaming – Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater and play some Halloween movies for the little ghost and goblins! Remember to stay 6ft apart and have snacks ready to go.
  • Choose a costume that’s mask-friendly – If you dress up like a doctor, nurse or firefighter you can easily incorporate a mask into the look. If you want to take it a step further, get creative and incorporate a mask into their look!
  • Go park-er-treating – Take advantage of public parks and set up check points, social distanced of course, for kids to stop by and collect until they buckets and pillowcases are full!

At the end of the day, all kids want is to have fun but most importantly the candy!

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