Research Reveals Names Of People Who Complain Most | Opie & Carina | 100.3 The Wolf

It’s no surprise the name “Karen” has become a popular put-down, but are they really the biggest complainers around? According to new research used from Trip Advisor reviews, they have compiled a list of names on who really complains the most from all around the world.

The Biggest Female Complainers:

  1. Kim
  2. Karen
  3. Susan
  4. Sue
  5. Sarah
  6. Julie
  7. Emily
  8. Claudia
  9. Anna
  10. Rachel

The Biggest Male Complainers:

  1. Paul
  2. David
  3. John
  4. Mark
  5. Andrew
  6. Steve
  7. Michael
  8. Peter
  9. Jeff
  10. Daniel

Full story read HERE.

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