Smokies Stadium Will Turn Into A Drive In Concert Venue

WE MISS BASEBALL!! But the Tennessee Smokies are finding clever ways to use the empty stadium during this time. This summer, Smokies Stadium will turn into a Drive In Concert Venue!

300 cars will be allowed to attend each date, cars will park 10ft apart, attendees can bring chairs if they wish, and food and drinks will be provided by the Tennessee Smokies.

Here’s the lineup:

Friday, June 19th – The Dead Ringers and Knoxville’s Favorite Smooth Sailor

Saturday, June 20th – BIG GUN (AC DC Tribute Band)

Friday, July 10th – The Dave Matthews Tribute Band

Saturday, July 11th – TBA

Friday, July 31st – Blank Newspaper Night

Saturday, August 1st – Here Come The Mummies


Each ticket buys two spaces, one for your car and one so you can get out and sit or dance. You’ll listen to the concert through your car radio.

Tickets available HERE



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