‘The Masked Singer’ Crowns A New Champion

After weeks of competition, the FOX hit show ‘The Masked Singer’ finally has a new champion, Night Angel! The finale started off with the final 3 contestants, Frog, Turtle, and Night Angel, singing for the chance to win over the audience’s and judges votes. In the end, the person who took home 3rd place was Frog, aka Bow-Wow! The next person who was unmasked after Nick Cannon announced the winner was Turtle. Turtle had the judges stumped all season long with who their identity was, but Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger guessed it correctly, it was Jesse McCartney! With both contestants unmasked, it was finally time to learn that the voice behind Night Angel was Kandi Burress. After 3 seasons, this makes Burress the first female winner of the ‘The Masked Singer’ and it is well deserved!

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