10 Year Old Girl Designed A “Hug Curtain” So She Could Safely Hug Her Grandparents | Opie & Carina | 100.3 The Wolf

A 10 year old girl named Paige from Riverside, California found a way to safely hug her grandparents during this pandemic. It all started when she saw a video of someone who used a blanket as a barrier to allow hugs from others. So she got the idea to create a “Hug Curtain”.

All she needed was a plastic shower curtain, hot glue gun, zip block bags and disposable plates. There are two sets of armholes. One set is higher for adults and one is lower for kids. Once it was done, Paige took it to her grandparents house so they could exchange safe hugs!

Check out her work of art below!! Way to go Paige.

(Photo Credit: IStock Photo)

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